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Travel planning

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Intimate Travel is a boutique travel agency, here to customize  your luxury VIP dream vacation. Travel is a passion of mine. I have been traveling all my life and been to 7 countries so far. I grew up on the east coast and lived on the west cost for over 8 years. I enjoy discovering new local hot spots and unforgettable international experiences. You can take on these adventures as a solo traveler, a couple, or large group. With a plan and a passport you will be able to see the world like you never have before, anything is possible when traveling with Intimate Travel. 

How it Works

Get in Touch

Fill out our Start Planning form and book a complimentary call.

Let's Chat

This is where we find your travel style. You tell us where you’ve been, what you’ve loved, what you didn't, and what experience you’re looking for this time. We’ll give you a customized quote for our travel fee and start discussing your next adventure

Reserve Your Spot

As soon as the planning fee is paid, you secure a spot on our vacation planning calendar.

Your Proposal

We put together a trip proposal and together, we'll finalize the details and make it exactly what you want.

The Dream Begins

A couple weeks before your trip, you’ll get the your final itinerary and the dream becomes a reality.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent?

I know! I know! You can book your vacation through the internet. But Why? 

1. Experience & Personalized Service 

I know the market. I can personalize your vacation to exactly what you want. 


2. Customer Advocate

If something goes wrong on your trip. I will go to bat for you. I will get your vacation back on track.


3. Resources 

Consumers don't have access to; room upgrades, event tickets, planned activities, and more.


4. Convenience

Your time is valuable. So I will do all the searching for you. I can save you time and stress. Destinations may look amazing on TV but not actually ideal.  


5. Relationship

As we develop a relationship I will be able to pin point the perfect trip for you. 

6. Save Money

I will also be able to find you additional savings by price matching with other vendors.


7. Added Value 

Ever wonder why the couple beside you got champagne? They probably used a travel agent. 


8. Exclusive Access

Some tours and experiences are only available through a travel agent. 


9. Unbiased Information 

My number one goal is to provide you with outstanding service. I am working for you.. 


10. Because I am AWESOME and I LOVE what I do

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